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Just one click! Tools for the Bosch Professional X-LOCK system

Osborn and Dronco have developed tools for the new X-LOCK angle grinder system from BOSCH. The portfolio includes cutting and grinding discs, flap wheels, cup brushes, bevel and wheel brushes and diamond cutting discs.

Osborn and Dronco are partners selected by BOSCH to develop accessories for the new X-LOCK angle grinders. Thanks to the new system, accessories such as the cutting discs and brushes produced by Osborn and Dronco can be mounted quickly and easily to these new angle grinders. Compared to conventional angle grinders, it is up to 5 times faster to change accessories. An audible "click" indicates that the accessories are securely engaged. Errors are practically eliminated, because accessories requiring a specific rotational direction, such as diamond discs, can no longer be mounted incorrectly. Even protruding nuts are not a problem with X-LOCK angle grinders.

The X-LOCK tools from Osborn and Dronco are backward compatible, i.e. they can also be used on conventional angle grinders. This is useful when there is no X-LOCK angle grinder available on site.  There is no need for a second tool set. The backwards compatibility of Osborn brushes is also unique worldwide (patent pending).

The Dronco cutting discs are manufactured especially for safety. The metal rings are sandwiched between the glass fiber fabrics and bonded to the discs to form an extremely resilient connection within the cutting disc. This production process guarantees the highest possible stability and safety.

A brochure with all products is available and can be downloaded.


Visit the OSBORN-Website!

Visit the OSBORN-Website!