F5 cera speed

For cutting quarry tiles, stoneware and granite slabs.

Thanks to its thickness of only 1.2 mm and the special geometry of the continuous rim, the F5 cera speed ensures both, an exceptional cutting speed and a comfortable and smooth operation. The 10 mm segments guarantee an optimum lifetime. The integrated flange around the bore makes sure that the blade can be used safely in every situation.
Packing unit: 1 pc.

  • 1.2 mm thin cutting rim with special geometry
  • clean cutting edges
  • minimal material loss
  • exceptionally fast cutting
  • easy to use
  • 10 mm segment height
Dimension inches Speed r.p.m. Height of segments in mm Shape Item code EAN
4.5 x 3/64 x 7/8 13280 10 GR 4115514100 4081600 41132
5 x 3/64 x 7/8 12200 10 GR 4125514100 4081600 41149


suitable for

  • cotto plates
  • fine stoneware, quarry tiles
  • tiles


suitable for

  • granite
  • terrazzo
  • gneiss


suitable for

  • concrete
  • concrete roofing tiles
  • porphyr

Product line

evolution line

High end products for highest demands and all-round applications. Synthetic diamonds together with a newly developed bonding cuts all materials with an outstanding performance.

  • outstanding lifetime
  • laser welded
  • wide range of application
  • a real top product

field of application

professional (5 stars)

For cutting quarry tiles, stoneware and granite slabs.


What's on a disc?

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LT — laser welded/dry cutting
LT+N — laser welded/dry and wet cutting
Express — thin, laser welded/dry cutting
ST — sintered/dry cutting
LTF — laser welded/dry cutting Cool formula – laser welded, no cooling intervals necessary
DB – Diamond vacuum brazed

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Safety standards

Our products comply with the highest safety standards and regulations: EN 13236 - Diamond tools
BGV D 12 - Accident prevention regulations of the German statutory industrial accident insurance institution [OS] - Organisation for the safety of abrasives.


Consist of (diameter of the disc) x (thickness of the segments) x (bore size). Measurements given in mm and inch.

Max. rpm.

Indicates the permitted maximum speed.
Here as example 6600 rounds per minute.

Direction arrow

Indicates the sense of rotation of the disc.


Red bar
Indicates 80 m/s as permitted peripheral speed

Green Bar
Indicates 100 m/s as permitted peripheral speed

Security information

For your own safety. Please follow!

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