C 46 R

For cutting floor tiles, wall tiles, marble, window shelves, slates, etc.

The excellent properties of thin cutting discs now available for stone: Incredibly fast cut, cutting edges absolutely free of chipping. Comfortable use due to reduced noise output and vibration. Up to 50% less abrasive dust during cutting.

Dimension inches Speed r.p.m. Content pieces Shape Item code EAN
9 x 5/64 x 7/8 6600 25 cropped 1238250 4081600 157116


suitable for

  • marble
  • tiles
  • slate


suitable for

  • concrete
  • roof tiles
  • porous concrete
  • granite
  • clinker brick
  • fireproof clay
  • terrazzo
  • earthenware pipes
  • brick

Product line

perfect line

The best-seller. Everybody is convinced from its excellent price/performance ratio.

  • good quality
  • good lifetime
  • good cutting efficiency

field of application 3 stars

demanding (3 stars)

For cutting floor tiles, wall tiles, marble, window shelves, slates, etc.



thin, precise, fast!

Powerful products in extra-thin material

  • considerably faster
  • exact cutting
  • no chipping on the edges
  • effortless performance


What's on a disc?

In the following, you get an overview about the features highlighted on our discs.


C/CS — silicone carbide is the abrasive grain for cutting stone.
24 — indicates the grit size. The higher the number, the finer the grit. E.g.: 24 rough | 30 medium hard | 36 hard.
R — the second letter indicates the hardness of the disc. The further into the alphabet, the harder the disc.
BF — resin bonded, fibre- reinforced

Product lines

The description you can finde above.

Green background

Is the colour guideline for stone cutting discs.

Safety standards

Our products comply with the highest safety standards and regulations: EN 12413 – cutting and grinding wheels BGV D 12 – Accident prevention regulations of the German statutory industrial accident insurance institution [OS] – organisation for the safety of abrasives.

Expiry date

This quality cutting disc can be used without any restrictions until the indicated date. (V month/year)


Consist of (diameter of the disc) x (thickness of the disc) x (bore size). Measurements given in mm and inch.

Max. rpm.

Indicates the permitted maximum speed.

Fe/S/Cl ≤ 0,1%

Free from iron, sulphur and chlorine. Special disc for cutting stainless steel.

Security information

Security information: For your own safety. Please follow!

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Red bar

Indicates 80 m/s as permitted peripheral speed.
Green bar Indicates 100 m/s as permitted peripheral speed.

Made in Germany

Stands for proven quality – most of our products are manufactured and tested in Germany.

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