AS 36 V

Construction steel, thin-walled profile sections, pipes, etc.

Extremely resistant when cutting materials with sharp edges and thin-walled profiles. Thinner than the AS 30 V and therefore capable of cutting even faster and more precisely.

Dimension inches Speed r.p.m. Content pieces Shape Item code EAN
4 x 3/32 x 5/8 15250 25 straight 1101070 4081600 101256
4 1/2 x 3/32 x 7/8 13280 25 straight 1111070 4081600 111255
5 x 3/32 x 7/8 12200 25 straight 1121070 4081600 121254
6 x 3/32 x 7/8 10200 25 straight 1151070 4081600 131253
7 x 3/32 x 7/8 8600 25 straight 1181070 4081600 141252
9 x 3/32 x 7/8 6600 25 straight 1231070 4081600 151251


suitable for

  • unalloyed an alloyed construction steel
  • very solid construction steel
  • tool steel
  • angular steel profiles


suitable for

  • cast
  • aluminium alloy
  • copper
  • brass bronze


suitable for

  • high alloy special steel
  • angular stainless steel profiles

Product line

evolution line

Designed by experts and made of top quality raw materials, these all-round cutting discs combine outstanding service life with high cutting speed.

  • manufactured according to EN 12413
  • complies to oSa regulations

field of application 4 stars

professional (4 stars)

Construction steel, thin-walled profile sections, pipes, etc.


What's on a disc?

In the following, you get an overview about the features highlighted on our discs.


A/AS — aluminium oxide is the abrasive grain for cutting metal.
AZ — zirconium corundum is the abrasive grain for better life time and cutting efficiency.
46 — indicates the grit size. The higher the number, the finer the grit. E.g.: 24 rough | 30 medium | 36 fine ...
R — the second letter indicates the hardness of the disc. The further into the alphabet, the harder the disc.
BF — resin bonded, fibre- reinforced

Product lines

You finds the description above.

Blue background

Is the colour guideline for metal cutting discs.

Safety standards

Our products comply with the highest safety standards
and regulations: EN 12413 – cutting and grinding wheels BGV D 12 – Accident prevention regulations of the German statutory industrial accident insurance institution [OS] – organisation for the safety of abrasives.


Consist of (diameter of the disc) x (thickness of the disc) x (bore size). Measurements given in mm and inch.

Expiry date

This quality cutting disc can be used without any restrictions until the indicated date. (V month/year)

Max. rpm.

Indicates the permitted maximum speed.

Fe/S/Cl ≤ 0,1%

Free from iron, sulphur and chlorine.
Special disc for cutting stainless steel.

Security information

Security information: For your own safety. Please follow!

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Made in Germany

Stands for proven quality – most of our products are manufactured and tested in Germany.

Red bar

Indicates 80 m/s as permitted peripheral speed.
Green bar Indicates 100 m/s as permitted peripheral speed.