For steel and stainless steel.

Top flap disc with glass fibre reinforced plastic backing. Equipped with zirconium abrasive on a cotton-polyester cloth. High stock removal and service life. Packing unit: 10 pcs.

  • Quick to mount thanks to the integrated M 14 adaptor
  • Air-cooled with cooling slots integrated in the backing
  • Reinforced glass fibre plastic backing
Dimension inches Speed r.p.m. Shape Item code EAN
4 1/2 x M14 13280 straight 5111154 4081600 515206
4 1/2 x M14 13280 straight 5111156 4081600 515213
4 1/2 x M14 13280 straight 5111157 4081600 515220
4 1/2 x M14 13280 straight 5111159 4081600 515237
5 x M14 12200 straight 5112154 4081600 525205
5 x M14 12200 straight 5112156 4081600 525212
5 x M14 12200 straight 5112157 4081600 525229
5 x M14 12200 straight 5112159 4081600 525236


suitable for

  • unalloyed an alloyed construction steel
  • very solid construction steel
  • tool steel
  • high alloy special steel
  • cast
  • sheet steel
  • stainless sheet steel


suitable for

  • plastic
  • filling compound
  • wood
  • welding seams
  • non-ferrous metals

Product line

special line

Effective, long-lasting and economical. Flap discs from our special line with abrasive bands made of zirconium corundum are optimised for grinding on edges and surfaces in industrial use as well as for craftsmen - this increases the performance and reduces the working time.

  • very good lifetime
  • no clogging
  • very good material removal rate
  • easy working

field of application 3 stars

demanding (3 stars)

For steel and stainless steel.


What's on a disc?

In the following, you get an overview about the features highlighted on our discs.


A — normal corundum is the abrasive band for mild steel.
AZ — Zirconium corundum is the abrasive band for stainless steel.
AK - Ceramic grain is the new, self sharpening abrasive band for steel, stainless steel, high alloy steel, brass and bronze.
40 — indicates the grit size. The higher the number, the finer the grit. E.g.: 40 rough | 60 medium | 80 fine | 120 very fine

Product lines

You can find the description above.

Yellow background

Is the colour guideline for flap discs.

Safety standards

Our products comply with the highest safety standards and regulations: EN 13743 – flap discs BGV D 12 – Accident prevention regulations of the German statutory industrial accident insurance institution [OS] – organisation for the safety of abrasives.


Consist of (diameter of the disc) x (bore size). Measurements given in mm and inch.

Max. rpm.

Indicates the permitted maximum speed.

Red bar

Indicates 80 m/s as permitted peripheral speed.

Security information

For your own safety. Please follow!

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