DRONCO Evolution AK 36 T

The first thin cutting and grinding disc with ceramic grain

Faster, more durable, more comfortable

Improved Performance with Ceramic-Inside

The DRONCO Ceramic-Inside product-line covers newly developed cutting and grinding tools, which reach performance-classes that were not achievable before.

Ceramic-Inside products are made with state-of-the-art ceramic grains. Due to their microcrystalline structure they are self sharpening and continually reforming during the grinding process.

Full performace at low pressure

The bond of the Ceramic-Inside discs has been formulated to compliment the function of the ceramic grains. Special additives increase the mechanical and thermal stability of the disc. Compared to conventional cutting and grinding discs, the new Ceramic-Inside discs already achieve their full performance using only low grinding pressure.


For preparing and removal of welding seams
For removal of weld spatter
For descaling and heavy deburring
For snagging
For fast speed cutting

Thin cutting and grinding wheel for steel, stainless steel, high alloyed steels, non ferrous metals.
Fe/S/Cl ≤ 0,1 %.

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