More Freedom - more Safety

A Revolution

More comfort and safety during cutting

Our patent pending for the Free Cut principle for cutting discs is a revolution comparable to the introduction of the ABS system in automobiles. It stops the cutting disc from jamming in the work piece and reduces the dangerous „kick-back“ effect (spontaneous kick-back of the angle grinder).

The disc has a conical body measuring 2 mm thick on the outer edge and 1 mm on the inner edge. This optimises the cutting qualities of the disc as it cuts on the face side only. Comfortable, simple cutting with a feeling of absolute safety. Free Cut: Take Cutting to a New Dimension

Free-Cut advantages

  • does not jam during cutting 
  • reduces the dangerous „kick-back“ effect of the angle grinder 
  • reduced side friction for unhindered cutting 
  • greater safety and precision during use 
  • less heat generated 
  • perfect precision for longer cuts 
  • light, power-saving handling using the FreeCut principle 
  • less reduction of r.p.m. in the machine - and therefore faster cutting

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